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Hi Tech Language Learning

We live in a fast moving, hi-tech, digital world and many of our chosen schools offer the latest, highly dynamic and up to date learning methods. For example the excellent BEET school in Bournemouth and all our Embassy CES schools use interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. Whiteboards allow teachers to fully interact with their students. They also offer immediate in class access to all sorts of digital resources, internet , TV etc which enables the whole class to participate in every aspect of the lesson. This type of teaching encourages the students to be far more proactive, motivated and dynamic. Importantly it helps you learn English faster and more effectively.

A Rich Variety of Course Options
  • Bespoke English language courses built around industry sector needs

  • Optional “Understanding Business Strategy” modules

  • Two week intensive English language immersion courses

  • Different language training options

  • Industry specific programmes e.g sales and marketing, engineering, accountancy etc

As you would expect all the schools we feature allow you to choose courses that enable you to achieve internationally recognised English language qualifications.

Business and General English

International business transactions in the 21st century demand a high level of competence in an array of English language skills. Quite simply businesses whose personnel are adept at English and familiar with the distinctive business culture of the English speaking world will flourish while others will fail.

We have teamed up with some of the world’s most well respected language schools to offer a range of programmes specifically designed for clients requiring practical business English as well as those people needing intensive English courses to meet the needs of other fields of expertise.

Courses available in:
Specialist English

Lessons at the schools we have chosen are structured in such a way that they allow you to choose language building electives which enable you to speak more confidently, understand spoken English quickly and at the same time improve the basics of grammar. Once you have mastered the basics you can then choose further specialised electives which allow you to focus on a range of other options such as exam preparation skills, business communication skills etc. We would particularly recommend the BEET school in Bournemouth and our Embassy schools in Australia and New Zealand for this.

Courses available in:
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