Language Courses in the UK and Around the World
European Language Courses
We have selected some of France’s most renowned , and highly respected language schools as our partner schools. Our school for the over 16’s, in the very heart of Paris, is highly regarded by individuals and corporations alike. Our summer schools for young people, (12 to 18 years old), near Versailles and in Normandy both come highly recommended and belong to the same group as our school in Paris.

Our chosen school near Bordeaux is unique, and offers some wonderful opportunities to learn French in the morning and play golf in the afternoon or learn French and do a cookery course, or learn French and learn more about French wine. In short they are excellent innovative programmes at a school in a really lovely part of France.
Summer Activity Programmes
Our summer activity programmes are run in conjunction with both the Perl group and Formasup in Bordeaux . We have two summer programmes. One for teenagers and one for younger people between the ages of 8 and 15 These are really excellent courses that offer students the opportunity to learn French in a really fun and enjoyable way with students from all over the world.

Formasup in Bordeaux offers some different and innovative summer learning programmes for adults, from French with cookery, to French with surfing, golf or wine tasting.
Business and General French
You can study for various French language programmes. Our schools offer Intensive French classes as well as French for Businessmen and General French if you just fancy learning another language.
Important Visa Information
For more information about obtaining an EU visa click here.
Ecole PERL Group
Ecole des Roches/PERL is one of the leading language schools in France offering a wide variety of courses in different locations.

The adult school is in the centre of Paris providing year round French language courses but also providing an insight to French culture and way of life. There are also two boarding schools, one in Normandy and the other near the historic city of Versailles. Children aged between 4 and 18 can follow the French curriculum or simply spend an Academic year and become fluent French speakers in a year.

In summer these schools also provide short vacation courses for international students to learn French whilst also having a fully integrated social and activity programme.
Formasup School Bordeaux
Your choice of French with golf, French with wine, French with cookery, or French and surfing. Really excellent, enjoyable courses at reasonable prices in a lovely part of France. Formasup also offers year round intensive and general French courses aimed at both the business man and those simply wanting to improve their French language skills.
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